These are 2 relatively new areas of expertise in the oil and gas industry, but both require specific cranes to perform at the optimum levels that required in today's oil & gas industry.

The first is coil tubing. It wasn't long ago that s 30 ton crane could lift the largest injector in the industry and would look like a huge machine in site. Today's coil tubing is changing almost by the month with historic depths and pipe diameters being used continuously. NWC is able to evolve setting up custom 45 and 50 ton packages to work with a lot of the conventional units out there. We are extremely proud of our new TC700 which is the unsurpassed leader in this industry. This crane allows coil companies to continue to use a single efficient crane on deep wells and even pads with specific requirements.

The fracturing industry uses a variety of cranes in their support truck units. NWC is not only able to supply cranes with specific advantages but offers full fabrication solutions to ensure every unit that leaves here is a huge asset to your fleet.


Please contact us today to discuss specific needs. Our experts have been here since the start of the industry and have the equipment, knowledge and experience to give you the best possible equipment.