North West Oil Field Cranes

North West Crane outfits these units with a full aluminum deck, heated cabinets, and plenty of storage for customer rigging. This machine features a four-section telescopic, proportional boom to 110 feet with a lifting capacity of 100,000 lbs at 6 feet. The Jib has a maximum sheave height of 116 feet. The swing around cab comes complete with all creature comforts, such as diesel heater, A/C. and a fully adjustable heated operators seat. The platform includes engine telematics, stop/start, pressure gauges, and signal horn.

This Manitex 35/100 is mounted on a C500, custom rigged for Oilfield Service work, this machine has been a huge success for NWC and our customers, it's a conventional machine with stand up controls, it's a simple light weight crane.

This crane features a 70 Ton Rated lifting capacity at an 8 foot radius. It features a 3-slab 16,500 lbs. removable counter weight. The boom is made up of four-section formed steel, and is proportional from 38 feet to 115 feet. It includes a 6 sheave quick reeve boom head with a maximum sheave height of 125 feet. The fully enclosed tilting cab features a fixed front windshield with wiper and washer, an opening skylight with wiper and washer, and an opening rear window with a grill protection on opening. It also includes a fully adjustable heated operators’ seat and an electronic foot throttle with a variable thumb throttle. The platform includes engine stop/start, pressure gauges and signal horn.   The swing out and down outriggers allow the unit have a full 360 degree chart without the need for a front bumper stabilizer. Both front and rear outriggers have positioning pins that allow deployment in the half-spread position in addition to full spread. This allows the machine to have a reduced load chart in tight areas where full outrigger positioning is not possible. The outriggers are controlled via a radio remote control transmitter.

This crane features a four section telescopic boom, from 30 to 100 feet, with a maximum lifting capacity of 70,000 pounds at a 6 foot radius It also features a two speed planetary hoist with a grooved drum and negative draft flanges, as well as a 5-ton hook and ball. This machine has dual operator control stations, moved to the front side of the turret for ease of operation.

This Oilfield crane is a good example of the 45 Tons and the diversity with the rig ups. they had all the extras on this unit.

The 980 A8 machine comes complete with an upright operator’s control station, with the option for Hetronic radio remote control (Five-function) with 300 ft range, and load holding valves used on all hydraulic cylinders. It has a maximum lifting capacity of 45,990 lbs. at 9’10”, can pick up to 5,310 lbs at 64’8”, and weighs approx. 18,500 lbs. It features Hydraulically actuated vertical outriggers with 32 degree swiveling feet, and Hydraulically extended horizontal outriggers to 28’8” spread. This machine also comes with a 70 gallon oil reservoir with sight and temperature gauges, is completely painted Ferrari Red, and can be installed onto your chassis at one of our three locations. The boom linkage system provides a boom capacity chart that raises straight up in the air until boom extension limits are met. The FERRARI crane line also offers unmatched power to weight ratio ratios from the latest computer aided designs. This means the STRONGEST and LIGHTEST cranes available on the market today. Couple these features with the strength of North West Crane Ltd. and you have an unbeatable combination.