North West Powerline Cranes

Power Line CranesThis is a Manitex 28/92, unrigged, complete with a lightweight aluminum 2 person diversified Manbasket. This crane comes complete with a maximum lifting capacity of 56,000 pounds at 5' radius, and a four section telescopic boom from 28 feet to 92 feet. The maximum sheave height for this machine is 102 feet. It comes complete with dual operator control stations and dual foot throttles integrated to electronic engine for ease of use, as well as A-frame link type outriggers with 22 foot spread, and out and down stabilizers with a 13 foot spread.

This a 50/155 Manitex unit features a five-section telescopic, proportional boom 34' to 155' with a lifting capacity of 100,000 lbs at 6 feet. It also features a Jib with a maximum sheave height of 204 feet. The swing around cab comes complete with all creature comforts, such as diesel heater, A/C. and a fully adjustable heated operators seat. The platform includes engine telematics, stop/start, pressure gauges, and signal horn. North West Crane outfits these units with a full aluminum deck, heated cabinets, and plenty of storage for customer rigging.

Power Line CranesThis unit is Custom Built for All Terrain Powerline work, and comes with an insulated jib for use on "live" powerline repair  utilizing an Altec 40/127 on a Prinoth. We supply and install machines for a wide variety of utilities customers, what sets NWC apart from the rest is we make sure they will perform beyond expectations, this machine has outriggers that NWC engineered and supplied so it can pick up the entireAll terrain vehicle in soft ground and keep it level for safe operation, this crane is used to service and install powerlines.