North West Utilities Cranes

Utilities CranesNorth West Crane offers a variety of options for the Utilities industry. We offer three different machines on All-Terrain chassis, the Altec 40/127, the Manitex 50/155GT, and the Manitex 22/81 GT3500.

The Altec 40/127 features 127' of main boom with 137’ of tip height, a single winch, and pilot cab controls. The outrigger controls are in the front upper part of the deck, with the up and down controls in the cab. This crane also features tilt cab, outrigger interlock systems.

The Manitex 50/155 features 155' of main boom, and a single Braden winch. The out and down mainframe and out and down rear outriggers have positioning pins that allow deployment in the half-spread position and the fully retracted position. This allows the machine to have a reduced load chart in tight areas where full outrigger positioning is not possible. The outriggers are controlled via a radio remote control transmitter.

The Manitex 22/81 GT 3500 features 81' of main boom, which gives you 91' of tip height. Standard on this machine is the Greer Load momentary System (LMI) . This system maximizes expansion capabilities, senses boom hoist pressure, boom length and boom angle. Audio-visual warning indicated overload conditions and overload shut off prevents overload conditions automatically with a built in A2B switch, operator can access all relative crane configurations via the display on the operators station. Another nice feature is the new winch with grooved drum and negative draft angle flanges to prevent the cable from piling up the side of the drum.

These machines can be ordered with Insulated Jibs to ensure operator safety when working on power lines. North West Crane is also a Dealer of Diversified Manbaskets and carries a line of Fiberglass Manbaskets and North West Crane Fabricated Manbaskets.