North West Wire Line Cranes

Wire Line CraneIf you are a wireline operator in need of specialized pickers for wireline operations, North West Crane Ltd. has your answer. We can provide specialized rear mounted cranes with dedicated sub frame structures that employ integrated front outrigger beams. This in conjunction with a single rear center stabilizer provides a 360 degree full capacity work area.

The 30102 and 30124 WL series cranes provide either 112' or 135' tip heights without the use of a swing around jib. These cranes also offer a second winch option with 270' of 3/8" wire rope. The 30102 WL has been factory proof load tested to 15,000 lbs. at 113'4" tip height and 16'4" load radius. Rated load capacity is 10,500 lbs. at this same height and radius.

You can be assured of safe crane operation at all times if the load chart is not exceeded.